Posted by Nick Partridge

50g Oats 
1 scoop of Punish Banana WPI protein powder 
20gs almonds
1 tbs of sugar free maple syrup 
2 tbs of almond milk 
1tbs water 
1 egg 
2 egg white 
Base -
blend oats and almonds till finer consistency then place in bowl. 
add water and maple syrup to bind together. 
split mixture in half to make a top and bottom for the slice. 
Mould and flatten bases to fit a dish you can set your slice in later (i used a ramekin dish) Once made to size bake bases on baking paper for 25mins at 200 degrees or until firm. 
In a double saucepan (or saucepan and bowl) place WPI, egg whites, whole egg and almond milk into top saucer and whisk over simmering water. Keep whisking until mixture starts to thicken, then remove from heat. 
Place the 1 base into ramekin dish then pour custard over the top. Place the second oat base on top then refrigerate until custard is set. Top with berries if desired.