Whilst paying a visit to our Corporate Contender Gold Coast ( supplier PUNISH ( today to pick up some gear, I had the pleasure of trying on the new Punish Pro Fighters Boxing Gloves. Nick (Punish Owner) has been telling me about these gloves for some time. I’ve never been big on meaningless plugs for any particular brand over my time, however I tell you Punish - Nutrition, Fight Gear and Apparel have really got something here in their new fight gloves.

I've not just worn, but fought and trained in all the leading fight brands gloves over the last 27 years and I'm so happy to tell whoever will listen that these are without a doubt the BEST gloves I have ever laced up!!! They are not cheap, nor should they be. So, if you’re a fighter or simply a weekend warrior who values looking after your tools of the trade (your hands) get them into a pair of these gloves. You will be thankful you did!

Want more info on the glove?

Check it out here:

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