Punish is an Australian owned lifestyle company which has expanded by forming one of Australia’s first most reputable boutique Natural sports and health nutrition supplement manufacturer companies, along with it’s Fitness/ Fight Gear/ clothing & apparel products.


Punish Natural Nutrition is an Australian boutique brand which specialises in high quality health/sports supplements manufactured and packaged in Australia always using natural products where ever possible containing only natural sweeteners, natural flavours, natural colours and pure ingredients with no artificial Sweeteners, no artificial flavours, no artificial colours. Our products are for people looking to benefit in the following areas: General health & wellbeing, sports recovery and performance, weight loss management, muscle management and many other benefits.

If you are visiting our website then you have already began on your journey to better health and performance by switching to Punish. We are a small but growing company, gaining a great reputation for providing honest & safe products using only Pure and natural ingredients.

“What’s on our label is in our product”


All punish nutrition products meet the requirements of Asada and Wada and only use ingredients not listed on the Asada and Wada banned list.


The directors of Punish were looking to introduce a new line of product to the company and were throwing a few ideas around when they came up with Nutrition supplements. The problem was, both directors couldn’t take any of the current supplements on the market because they were sensitive to certain artificial low quality ingredients and cheap fillers that caused stomach cramping and bloating. The directors were also concerned about unsafe ingredients in products on the market from suppliers who use fancy marketing to blind consumers by unsubstantiated claims and unsafe products.

So, how to do it?  After two years of study & research punish had their formulations ready for each product containing the selected ingredients and were looking for a company to manufacture and package their products. After talking with other brands and contract manufacturers they were told “it’s too difficult and too expensive to do a product with natural ingredients the way you want it, it will taste bad, you should just use artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners and the current cheap trends of ingredients on the market” etc etc.

Decision. After being told by the big players in the industry that we were wasting our time and it wasn’t achievable we had a decision to make. Either do it the cheap nasty way or stick to our guns and do it the most natural and safest way we could.

The Result.

The directors were not interested in manufacturing a product that their wive’s, partners, sons and grandchildren were not safe to take so decided instead of using outside manufacturers & other branded products they should look into manufacturing their own specially designed products  in house. Yes it would be more expensive, yes it would take more research, yes it would be more difficult but Punish wanted a safe honest product that they knew exactly “what was on our label was in our product” with only the highest quality natural Ingredients where possible including natural proteins, pure amino acids, using Natural Sweeteners, Natural flavours, Natural colours, & gluten free Ingredients.

The Punish Natural Nutrition slogan soon followed: “What’s on our label is in our product”




Punish was founded on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia in 2007 by its two Directors. Both directors had been in the fight game for many years before punish began and like everyone else was purchasing brands of equipment from other companies in Australia or overseas and accepting what ever was most available at the time.

The directors decided they were not happy with the quality and service of current products on the market and so decided if they could  better the quality of products from other suppliers they should launch an Australian owned fight gear company providing high level quality products and great service whilst at the same time support the Australian fight industry.


At first, the directors designed and created only boxing gloves and fight gear from their home garage selling them to local fight gyms and trainers. Fighters and trainers soon realized the high durability & quality of Punish Fight Gear that was the result of commitment to detail & trial and error. Fighters and trainers appreciated the passion behind the punish brand & the commitment and support to the fight industry from punish and decided it was something they wanted to align with.


Punish realised that in order for their fight gear brand to grow they needed to increase awareness in the fight culture industry so Punish Fight Gear started to sponsor Australian fighters & fight shows.

These sponsorships increased the public's awareness of Punish products and the company. By 2012, Punish Fight Gear products were present throughout Australia and at the beginning stages of international expansion with Punish gaining support from endorsed athletes fighting in UFC, Boxing and other USA and world stage fight promotion events.

Expansion: As the fitness industry as a whole grew, Punish Management understood that the company needed to expand to achieve success, so Punish decided to further expand adding higher turnover products to their range helping to grow the business and established new brands and products in Natural Nutrition Sports and Health Supplements and Clothing & Apparel which have now exceeded the fight gear in turnover and is the primary part of the business.

The majority of revenue is generated through it’s wholly-owned operation in Australia however the company's brands are marketed and promoted internationally through association with high profile professional athletes and demand for Punish products internationally is increasing.

Opportunities: As a result of this demand, Punish is now looking for overseas investors who have the resources to assist Punish in its venture to expand the brand internationally taking the business from a relatively small to large turnover.


Punish Clothing and Apparel complements our product range with active lifestyle, street wear, extreme sports, surf & skate culture,  fight / fitness style of clothing & apparel items under the Punish company brands.

Starting out as a fight brand supplying boxing gloves we soon realised that the brand punish was of interest to other markets as many of the other sports crossed over with some sort of fight training and vice versa.

Many of our fighters also did other sports like surfing, skating, motor cross, extreme sports, cross fit, triathalon, surf life saving, football etc.

We then realised that other sports enthusiasts like surfers, skaters, extreme sports, triatheltes, cross fitters etc were doing fight training as part of either their fitness programes or just as a passion or self defence.

After discovering the wide diversity for PUNISH clothing and apparel we decided to cater for all walks of life, people who love their sports, cultures and healthy life styles as a way of life that combines their own passions and sports as one. 

Punish clothing and apparel consists of street wear, sports & fitness fitness, T-shirts, Shorts, Singlets, Compression Gear, Hats, Jumpers, and Sports Bags.

Punish clothing and apparel products are currently sold online at www.punish.com.au and we are looking to form partnerships with Australian & international distributors to expand our distribution.

To contact us about partnering with Punish for distribution please contact us via email: punishapparel@punish.com.au