Below are a few hints and tips from our valued customers on ways they keep on top of their daily diet.

- Find a diet that works in well with your lifestyle. Every person is different, find what works for you and be prepared to tweak it to suit.

- The 5 P's. Prior Preperation Prevents Poor Performance. This includes planning out your meals, shopping list and preparing your meals for the upcoming week.

- Everything in moderation. Don't burn yourself out by sticking to a strict diet 24/7. If you have been great with your diet all week, reward yourself with a treat. But remember "moderation"

-Drink plenty of water daily. Keep your body hydrated and you will see the rewards. 3-4 litres daily is recommended.  

- Routine, routine. routine. Sticking to a routine keeps you accountable and honest. Once in a routine, daily diet task's become second nature.  

Train hard Train Punish!