When choosing a protein powder there are a few steps to follow to insure you select a pure and clean product that meets your dietary requirements.

- Firstly consider any dietary requirements like food allergies or intolerance's.This will set the pathway for what type of protein you will need.

- Now you know what type of protein you need, we now have to find a reptuable company. Do your research. Compare brand ingredients, nutritional information and the credibiity of the brand. Just beacause the larger companies have big marketting budgets, it does not mean they use the best ingredients.

- Avoid ingredients like; skim milk powders, artificial sweeteners and any fillers, thickeners and gums. These are all used to bulk up the protein so the company does not have to use as much protein. 

- Qulality over quanity! If you are putting in the effort with your training and diet do not dampen your hard work by choosing a poor quality protein. 

We at Punish believe in a honest products. Punish's slogan on all our products is
"Whats on our label is in our product".
All our ingredients are listed down to the milligram on all of our nutrition products. 

Punish uses only the highest quality & highest grade of protein exclusivly to Punish only. This can be certified by certificates of accreditation on all batches. 

Our high protein, low carb WPI chocolate (Whey Protein Isolate) only has 3 ingredients! They are WPI, natural flavour (natural cocoa) & natural sweetener (steviol glycosides thaumatin). All Punish nutrition products are gluten free (to Australian standards)

With just these 3 ingredients this is one of the cleanest proteins on the markett. 

We hope this has helped you in your decision in choosing the right protein for you! 
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Thanks from the team at Punish Natural Nutrition.