Posted by Nick Partridge

Australian Koori Artist of the year D.Dunn bringing two Cultures Australian Aboriginal Koori and New Zealand Maori together as one with this epic painting below. Some serious work going into this piece! Check out the artists painting in their Punish shirts! Love these guys and the love they have for punish!

This 5.2m mural of
Koori and Maori
Education will take another week to paint..
We are averaging 6-12hrs days
But it will take about 2 weeks to go over all the detail and lines of our work..

What you are getting to see is just all the undercoat work
Please enjoy

There will be a education dvd that will be made of this project..
"Koori and Maori"
deadly alive
In Newzealand
Together as one
It's our Education
and It's just about to begin
Alive "
Black and Deadly"
Rotorua Newzealand
6metres of education
Tane Lagah
Gamilaroi People
Get Black on ya feet program
Aboriginal Education
Keeping it Alive Black & Deadly
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