Posted by Nick Partridge

Are you struggling to find a snack to make at home thats good for you and tastes great?
Check out this little beauty from Good Mood Food Aus using Punish Chocolate Protein!!!

Crunchy chocolate peanut butter slice. Reminds me a bit of the chocolate rice crackles we used to have at parties as kids, except made better because it's peanut butter flavour. These are packed with protein, healthy carbs and no sugar, but they don't skimp on taste. Recipe: 30 grams crunchy natural peanut butter
Half a scoop @punishfightgearandnutrition chocolate protein powder
Two thick @sunrice rice cakes, broken into pieces
@natvianaturalsweetener to taste and/or sugar free maple syrup
Directions: combine ingredients excluding rice cakes to make a paste, adding water as needed. The paste should be thick and not too runny. Stir through rice crackers and press into a lined tray. Place in freezer until firm.