Posted by Nick Partridge

Australian Made Approved!!!!
Are you tired of wasting your money on Chocolate Bars pretending to be High protein Bars!!!
Try our Australian Made High Protein Low Carb Bars By Punish Natural Nutrition!
$39.00 per box of 10 including free shipping Australia wide.

Skinny Bitch and Lean Mass High Protein Low Carb Bars
It took us over 12 months to perfect our bars the correct way and not use cheap nasty ingredients so we could claim a true High protein low carb bar without the junk and sugars or Artificial Ingredients.
If you want a good tasting bar that's Made In Australia and will give you a true high protein fix then give us a try.
Support the brand that's doing it's best to give you an honest great quality product.
Legitimate 23g of Protein!
Perfect for before or after exercise or that high protein meal replacement.
Cleaner and fewer Ingredients!
Taste great!
Australian Made!