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You have GOT to try these absolutely simple, delicious, all natural, gooey, Protein Cookies I made this Arvo for my post workout treat!! 

I had to control myself to stop at 2.

OMG. Heaven in my mouth and my bubba loves them too!!

Pls feel free to share the and recipe, it's that good!!

2/3C Raw/Organic Honey
1Tbsp Coconut Oil

Bring to boil for a few minutes on stove.

Stir in these dry ingredients, then spoon onto cookie sheet to cool, then put in fridge (No baking).

1C Raw Rolled Oats
1Tsp Natural Vanilla
1Scoop Punish Natural Nutrition Vanilla WPI (optional but turns them into protein treat)
1/2C Natural Peanut Butter

Recipe Thanks to @Jenni Athena Fitness Mum